"clean is fresh, fresh is good."



Dr. Shultz is a man of many faces: A family man who cherishes the health and well-being of his loved ones, a doctor devoted to providing the best care possible to his patients, and most importantly, a visionary for working toward a healthier and cleaner world.


Fighting The Germ

Dr.Shultz has used hand sanitizer to combat the many bacterial threats we are exposed to on a day-to-day basis. Hand sanitizer was a staple in his house, car, and pocket.

But there was an issue – low quality alcohols, ingredients, and chemical aromas in regular hand sanitizer would irritate his hands. He stopped using it completely and grew dirty. Over time he grew dirtier and dirtier, becoming a unpleasantly unfresh version of himself - "The Germ"

One night in the lab, Dr.Shultz made an incredible discovery - “Dr.Shultz’s Secret Formula”. Not so secret at all, Dr.Shultz reinvented hand sanitizer to get the job done & kill bacteria while leaving the skin moisturized and soft with essential oils & vitamins. He defeated his alter-ego, and proceeded to spread his renewed cleanliness! "Stay Fresh -- Fight the Germ"




+ Who is Dr.Shultz?

Dr.Shultz represents the team of doctors, pharmacists, and chemists whom came together to design the secret formula. The doc embodies our company's values and our deeply rooted mission to create a cleaner, fresher world.

+ Where is Dr.Shultz Premium Hand Sanitizer Made?

We manufacture in the US using only the highest quality ingredients you can trust on your hands.

+ Is Dr.Shultz FDA approved?

Dr.Shultz uses an FDA regulated sanitizer base and all natural oils to enhance our formula.

+ Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

If you are sensitive to beauty products, we recommend testing the product on your skin. We have learned from our customers that even those with the most sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions have had no problems when using our products.

+ I Would Like to Buy Dr.Shultz in Bulk for my shop, work, or retail store.

We're glad to hear it! Email us at to get in touch. We offer bulk discounts and lucrative retail opportunities.





Distilled from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, Neroli has been used since the 17th century to relieve tension and reduce anxiety. Neroli oil increases blood circulations and helps skin heal faster.



Bulgarian Rose


Cultivated in the Balkan mountains since the 1800s, Rose oil aromas promote self-esteem and confidence. These oils are skin astringents and antioxidants, repairing the skin's scars and cracks for youthful hands.





Considered holy among Eastern cultures since ancient times, these aromas produce a calming effect and promote mental clarity. Sandalwood is a natural skin astringent and possess anti-inflammatory properties treating irritated skin.



Some good of everything.