One, Two, Three, Get one Free.

Keeping the world fresh. Here's how it works.


1. Save 3 Shultz Glass Bottles.

This part's easy. Simply save all of your glass bottles in a little drawer, or a cabinet, or box. You get the point. Just don't toss it out! WE WILL GIVE YOU FREE SANITIZER.


2. Send Them Back or Drop Them Off

There are two ways to return your Shultz bottles:

  1. Drop Them Off at a Retailer - All Shultz retailers will take back your bottles so we can pick them up directly from them. We offer them incentives to do so.
  2. Send it back to us - Or if you want to skip the drop off, simply send the bottles back with your name and a return address your free bottle.

3. Enjoy a Free Bottle of Sanitizer

Thanks, for keeping the world fresh. To everyone who participates in our #freshworld program, we give a free bottle of sanitizer to as a reward for playing your part :)


Here's Our Address

3143 W33rd St, suite 9, Cleveland, Oh 44109

Questions? Shoot us an email at